Those who start their own business in the café industry faces many obstacles.

Not only does the competition is high, but it is very easy to run into bad experiences if you do not have the right knowledge of the market.

Almost always, the new entrepreneur is left alone to

seek an answer to the many questions that pester him.


For example:

- What are the shops for sale?
- How can I be sure that I am paying a fair price?
- As I expect to recoup my investment?
- What will be my financial needs and how will I find the necessary funds?
- How will I arrange my job?

Those who lived through this experience, know how much it's helpful to have an experienced guide who accompany through all the inevitable difficulties. But before there was no such guidance.

Now there is Progetto Barista, the specific Caffè River service for new entrepreneurs in the bar segment, coffee shops and cafes.

With over fifty years of experience in the HoReCa segment, we are able to advise you properly in order to make the start of your business easier and avoid many of the risks that are inevitably present, placing side by side our specific experts to the consultants that already assist you.

Progetto Barista is completely free for our customers, present and future.

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