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    I Latte Art Crash Course sono una incredibile opportunità per apprendere la Latte Art direttamente dai più grandi campioni riconosciuti nel settore, sia Italiani che non.

    Ogni Caffè River Training Centre organizza corsi con campioni internazionalmente riconosciuti in eventi unici chiamati Latte Art/crash course.

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"The elation of coffee, favored by men with the exquisite feel and quick intelligence... (Paolo Mantegazza)

Although it is so familiar to us, coffee is a relatively recent discovery, having spread to Europe only by the XVI-XVII century.

Botanically known as Coffea, it belongs to the Rubiaceae family, very rich in genera and species.

Many varieties of Coffea are known, but we use only two: Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora. They differ for many reasons, including their diffusion and commercial value, and their taste differences appeal to different consumers.

We know many varieties and cultivars of Coffea Arabica (as typica, caturra, bourbon, mundo novo, catuaì,...), while the best know variety of Coffea Canephora, the "Robusta", is so well known that we nowadays we call the Coffea Canephora simply as Coffea Robusta.


Coffee is harvested in almost every nation between the two tropical lines and each one of them produces a coffee with distinctive peculiarities. Further, even inside the same nation, different micro-regions produce different coffee with a wider and more desirable flavor spectrum.

Last but absolutely not least, a big difference is made by the producer's skill and by his passion for producing great coffee.

The search of the perfect coffee beans is not easy, but it's suggestive, fascinating, evoking; a search that constrains you in considering the combination of botanical varieties, processing methods, national laws, and folk traditions.

We cooperate with producers through direct relationships or even with support projects, trying to create something unique to be enjoyed and experimented with.


If we consider only its many chemical transformations, coffee roasting remains a somewhat mysterious process. However, its outcome is fortunately known. The heating effect on the coffee bean is indeed an artifice that produces a composite plurality of aromas from an inert and elastic green bean.
One such important transformation is certainly not without criticality. Quite the contrary: you need exceptional equipment and deep knowledge to ensure that our roasting is just perfect and steady every time, bean after bean. It does not matter if we have to toast espresso, medium, or light roast, we guarantee that the result will always be satisfactory and lived up to expectations.

The final product: the espresso.

No one in Italy would ever ask for an espresso. He simply asks for "a coffee". This is the importance of espresso coffee for the Italians who rarely drink coffee otherwise. Rather, before the express acquires international popularity, the lack of espresso abroad was considered a harrowing experience and the first reason for complaint once back at home. Now, fortunately, things have changed: there are espresso coffee lovers anywhere in the world and the number of them is still growing.
Italy is still the home of espresso, the place where the ties with the origins are stronger. Maybe because Italy is the first place in Europe where people drank coffee, or maybe because the espresso blends perfectly combine with the regional culinary tradition, or even perhaps because it is considered a staple food and many traditions have grown up around it.
However, it does not matter. What is most important for us is that the espresso is a legacy, a tradition that must be preserved, nurtured, and developed, since the tradition without innovation, becomes sterile and the tradition without innovation remains vain.


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