• Social responsibility
    Social responsibility
  • Passion and technology
    Passion and technology
  • Great coffees
    Great coffees
  • Latte Art champions
    Latte Art champions
    I Latte Art Crash Course sono una incredibile opportunità per apprendere la Latte Art direttamente dai più grandi campioni riconosciuti nel settore, sia Italiani che non.

    Ogni Caffè River Training Centre organizza corsi con campioni internazionalmente riconosciuti in eventi unici chiamati Latte Art/crash course.

  • Extended vision
    Extended vision

We are always closest to coffee farmers in various regions of the world.

For us, it is very important to keep in touch with those who produce the coffee that we offer to our customers: the quality and traceability that we guarantee are in fact quite different from that which is obtained using the long-chain distributors that from the farmers goes to the roaster.

What's more, we are not content to make direct purchases, so we are looking for multi-year partnership agreements that can create value for the growers, improve its standards of living and/or its production capacity, as well as value for our customers in terms of quality.

This attitude of closeness to the farmers, which applies to all of our coffee origins - and not only to those offered as "specialties", is summed up in our principle: Closest Connection.

 BraunaMatas de Minas, Brasilien

 BushenyiBushenyi, Uganda


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