Chiara Bergonzi LACC#8 - Caffè River

The course is open to all, it is on reservation and it has the duration of 4 hours, with a maximum of 8 participants. It will be a unique opportunity to learn about a well-known Italian champion and practice the Latte Art directly with her.
Caffè River Training Centre offers specific training courses on Espresso and Cappuccino. With more than 200 courses, more than 1,000 students have been trained!
Caffè River Training Centre is now also characterized as a training center on the Latte Art (Latte Art / Lab) and it is arrived at the eighth edition of Latte Art / crash course.
The center will alternate the Latte Art champions and the most important Barista champions in the world and the courses are available on request for anyone who wishes.
During the course it has left much time to practice to enable the participants to be able to get out of the course and exercise by themselves arriving at optimum levels.
The Latte Art, the art of decorating the cappuccinos, is a unique art that offers to the cafeteria professionals a huge opportunity to increase their professionalism and that amaze and gratify at the same time, its customers.