The Kabonera Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society

Thanks to the 2017-18 social prize offered by Caffè River, in the Kabonera Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society, Uganda, a school of 5 classes called Mirembe Junior was plastered, both outside and inside.
The school is located in Kyamuyimbwa T/C, in Kabonera Sub-County, with a population of 225 pupils. The school serves children from the villages of Kyamuyimbwa, Kikalaala, Busense, Kyanjale, Kagezi, and Bukoona. The appearance of the building is now renewed and its structure reinforced by plastering.

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Coffee farmers in the Kabonero mountains Area

Another story comes from Uganda.
Coffee farmers in the Kabonero mountains community have used the Caffè River 2017-18 social premium, to build a water connection to their primary school and to the nearby schools. Another part of the premium was used for the construction of a warehouse used for storing green coffee, which will make coffee of higher quality.

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The Karangura Peak Modern Coffee Farmers Association

Thanks to the social premium 2017-18 offered by Caffè River, the Karangura Peak Modern Coffee Farmers Association focussed on constructing a store for bulking coffee from its members but also will be used as a training centre where farmers will meet to hold their meetings in times when they are out of season. The association also allocated some of the funds towards purchasing a piece of land that is to use for other developmental programs of the association.

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