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Caffè River K90 Bag

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The Caffè River K90 Bag is a practical, very light and very useful handbag, made with the wrappers of the fine K90 coffee blend.

The Bag by Caffè River: a surprise you didn’t expect!

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The Caffè River K90 Bags are practical, light, and very useful handbags.

The Caffè River Bag you didn’t expect!

They have an adjustable black handle, an external zip for closure and an internal pocket for objects. They are made with the wrappers of the 1 kg packs of our K90 100% Arabica BIO coffee blend. The lining of the bag is therefore waterproof and resistant.

The design is original and exclusive: an opaque white bag on which the shiny gold K90 writing stands out, which embellishes the object and gives it a particular luminosity.

Each material can be used and enhanced in many ways: take the package of Caffè River K90 blend for a walk with you!

Produced for Caffè River by Vagamondo Tuscany.

Made in Italy.

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Height: 30 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Width: 20 cm
Weight: 130 g


Shoulder strap: Polyester
Bag: 90 C/LDPE
Plastic container, unless otherwise specified by your municipality


Made in Italy