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La nostra produzione sarà chiusa dal 27 luglio al 23 agosto compresi. Non sarà dunque possibile effettuare ordini in questo periodo. Buone ferie!

Our production will be be closed from July 27th to August 23rd. It will not be therefore possible to place orders during this period. Happy holidays!

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  • Espresso coffee for super automatics

    Espresso Casa whole beans!

    Roasted coffee bean blend. A fine blend of coffee beans produced by small coffee farmers, roasted with artisanal passion and caution, all ...
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  • Chanchamayo Peru

    Chanchamayo (Peru)

    Roasted once a week for you. Familia Caballero Quispe. Grown at an altitude of 1,250 meters above sea level and harvested in July, ...
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  • Costa Rica Tarrazú

    Tarrazú (Costa Rica)

    Roasted once a week for you. Familia Esquivel Picado. Don Minor Esquivel’s farm, “La Pastora,” is located at an altitude ...
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  • Uganda washed coffee wugar

    Ruwenzori (Uganda)

    Roasted once a week for you. Karangura Peak – Wugar. A washed Arabica coffee from Uganda, with the Rwenzori Mountains Geographical ...
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  • Arabica Bio

    Jamao 100% Arabica Organic coffee

    Jamao Coffee. 250 g package of vacuum-packed ground coffee for Moka pots.
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  • Brazil Alta Mogiana


    Alta Mogiana (Brazil)

    Roasted once a week for you. Fazenda São Francisco. Grown at an altitude between 800 and 900 meters above sea level and harvested between ...
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  • Organic Coffee


    Bugisu (Uganda)

    Roasted once a week for you. Organic Bufumbo Coffee F farmers Association. This excellent washed Arabica Bugisu coffee is grown by 343 ...
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  • Rwenzori Uganda


    Ruwenzori (Uganda)

    Roasted once a week for you. Karangura Peak CFA Drugar. A natural Arabica coffee of extraordinary complexity from the Kabarole district in ...
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  • organic coffee

    Caffè River K90 Organic coffee

    A blend composed of micro-lots of 100% Organic Arabica coffee from Africa and America: a pleasant balance of aroma and body, with an ...
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  • K80 coffee blend

    K80 Caffè River

    A blend of the utmost finesse: intense body balanced by slightly pronounced acidity. Hints of toasted hazelnut and caramel. Suitable for ...
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  • k40

    K40 Caffè River

    A blend with a wide aromatic spectrum that boasts enveloping body properties. A moderate acidity with hints of bitter cocoa and dried fruit.
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  • h60

    Caffè River H60

    A very balanced blend that shows at the same time a “toasty” aroma and a sweetness close to caramel.
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  • n40

    Caffè River N40

    An amalgam of beans with a strong and persistent aroma and a low acidity. Easy extraction.
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  • n80

    Caffè River N80

    This is what you might call a typical southern Italian café. Blend with strong character and mild acidity. Its spicy aftertaste is ...
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  • decaffeinated

    Decaffeinated Coffee D10

    A sophisticated blend of decaffeinated coffees to prepare a surprisingly tasty espresso.
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