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Ruwenzori (Uganda)

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Roasted once a week for you.

Karangura Peak – Wugar.

A washed Arabica coffee from Uganda, with the Rwenzori Mountains Geographical Indication certification supported by the European Union.


Wugar (Ugandan-washed Arabica coffee) with the certification of geographical origin from the Rwenzori Mountains supported by the European Union

Karangura Peak Coffee named Wugar is part of Closest Connection.
It is a washed Arabica coffee from Uganda, which carries the Rwenzori Mountains Geographical Indication certification supported by the European Union!
Wugar coffee from the Ruwenzori Mountains is full-bodied and has aromas of raspberry, hazelnut, and black tea, with a great body.

We are honored to be the first and congratulated the Karangura Peak community and NUCAFE for this great achievement.


NUCAFE, the National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises, has been working since 1995 to represent the interests of coffee farmers, trying to emancipate them from the current situation and improve its living conditions and brings together 125 farmers’ associations, for a total of over 100,000 farming families.

Karangura Peak Coffee

Karangura Peak Coffee was founded in 2013 as an association.
In 2017 it became a cooperative. Its purpose was to make an impact on communities through collective marketing, to increase coffee sales volumes, and thus maximize profits.

The cooperative initially brought together 400 individual farmers and then rose to 683, of whom 368 were males and 315 were females: an excellent result in gender equality.

Karangura Peak cooperative is located in Kyabwire village (Nyakitokoli parish). The village is on the Bundibugyo trail under Karangura secondary county in the western region of Uganda. It works closely with coffee farmers throughout the region.
Karangura Peak CFA is now part of NUCAFE, the Association of Coffee Farmers in Uganda. This partnership aims to implement the productive capacities of these communities. This is done through training farmers on the ownership model, export trade, and coffee-added value.
The coffee named Wugar(washed Arabica coffee from Uganda) and the one namedDrugar(dry natural Arabica coffee) come from Karangura.

Additional information

Net weight

250 g, 500 g, 1 Kg


Dark (Espresso, Mocha), Media (Filter, French press, Chemex), Light (Filter, French press, Chemex)


Whole beans, Espresso, Moka, Filter, French Press


Rwenzori Mountains Geographical Indication certification supported by the European Union


Paper Kraft / MET PET 12 / PE 100 MIC
Plastic container, unless otherwise specified by your municipality.

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