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What is the Unique Coffee Solution?

What is the Unique Coffee Solution?

It’s our way of being by your side, always.
We offer you a solution that provides you with the best coffees, innovative services for your café, unique design objects, training courses and technical assistance.

How we make a difference

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Unique Coffee Solution

Soluzione Espresso

We solve your problems.

It is the assistance service that allows us to quickly resolve technical problems with the bar equipment thanks to our experience.

With our know-how we take care of your equipment by offering you specific assistance, to save you precious time that you can instead spend on your business.



We stay connected with you.

A very powerful, exclusive and constantly updated tool to request our technical assistance with extreme simplicity.

Free download of cafferiver/App®:




SQuaF – Servizio Qualità Finale

We guarantee the quality of your espresso coffee.

SQuaf is the Final Quality Service that allows us to guarantee the quality of your espresso, acting with rigor and professionalism in three fundamental areas:

  • verification of the existence of the optimal conditions for obtaining a perfect espresso;
  • adjustment and fine-tuning of the parameters that determine the correct extraction of the espresso coffee;
  • on-site specialist training and identification of any further training needs.

Krazy Koffee

We expand the offer of your café.

Krazy Koffee is the perfect solution to make your café special. You will be able to serve not only espresso and cappuccino, but a vast selection of coffee-based drinks such as hazelnut espresso, marocchino, caramel macchiato and many other delights that satisfy the most demanding customers.

You will receive all the ingredients and professional training to make them, and the promotional materials to better advertise the Krazy Koffee menu.



We keep your business under control.

Caffè River Exchange is a service that allows you to have a large amount of important information available for the management and control of your business, through a website with private access that simplifies your work and that of your sales consultant.

Caffè River Exchange – private access.

Our style becomes yours

We make your coffee shop unique

Unique Solution

A great café deserves to be furnished with objects in which functionality and solidity go hand in hand with beauty and sustainability. This single principle has united a plurality of designers to create those original design objects that characterize our style.

espressocup/2 – cappuccinocup/2

The new cups by Caffè River.

The evolution of the famous cup that has marked the history of Caffè River includes numerous innovations and unexplored ideas that will take your coffee experience to the next level.

Not only does it change the aesthetics, but also the tasting experience which will leave you in no doubt about the quality you are savouring.

The width and height of the cup have changed.

The saucer, which has a higher base, enhances the new shape of the cup.

Its creator, designer Carlo Comanducci, an expert in mechanical design and 3D modeling, started with the reverse engineering technique, then moving on to the rapid prototyping of 3D printing, after which the production of the new porcelain cups began.

flexo spoon

The flexo spoons in the espresso and cappuccino versions.

From Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè was born Flexo, the spoon created by the designer Marina Bologni only for Caffè River.

Flexo synthesizes the functional characteristics of the teaspoon, enhances its sensory and ergonomic aspects and determines a more engaging sensory experience. Its soft shape recalls a “little tongue” that creeps into the cup of espresso and captures its flavors and aromas.

The part of the spoon that comes into contact with the user’s or barista’s hand loses its rigidity as if the heat of the product modifies the hardness characteristics of the material (steel), and conforms to the way it is used: the fingers find their optimal position for use immediately.

Its sinuous profile synthetically simulates the heat that comes from the product and carries it outside the cup itself. The lower part is curved just enough to follow the curves inside the cup of coffee, so as to possibly collect the sugary cream that remains on the bottom.

The softness of the shape of the upper part allows you to place the teaspoon directly on the cup as well as on the saucer.

flexo espresso spoon


The flexo spoon holder.

Flexarium is a spoon holder and also a sugar holder.

Designed by Marina Bologni, Flexarium holds the Flexo teaspoons in a practical and perfect way. Other than that, it’s a functional tool with multiple and surprising applications.

flexarium the flexo spoon holder

Kylix9 e Kylix36

Caffè River glasses.

Designed by Marina Bologni for Caffè River, the Kylix are made of borosilicate glass, which allows for soft curves and at the same time gives a particular “softness” to the glasses, which makes them resistant and long-lasting.

The capacity of Kylix9 is 9 cl, which makes it suitable both for the use of simple espresso coffee and for all alternatives, from the simplest macchiato coffee to the most complex variant.

The capacity of Kylix36 is 36 cl, which makes it suitable for cappuccinos and lattes, but also for more complex espresso-based drinks, allowing their structure to be shown to great effect.


Caffè River shaker.

Designed by Roberto Giacomucci especially for making shaken coffee, MaracaS allows baristas to create new drink recipes and serve them in a unique way, directly in the glass in which the drink was mixed.
MaracaS is a very simple tool to maintain: its components are dishwasher-safe and long-lasting. A brochure that describes the uses, is included in the package.

Coffee Shaker MaracaS

Sweetcase & Mini Sweetcase

The sugar containers by Caffè River.

Amazing design for innovative paper towels and sugar sachet holders.

One object or three?

Truly surprising possibilities both to organize the ingredients that enrich and complete your coffee experience as you wish and to display them through a warm and refined design object.

In sweetcase and mini sweetcase sugars and towels, honey, and who knows what else, find an orderly place, thanks to its wooden ability to divide spaces, and to your creativity in composing them.


The changer of Caffè River.

A curved, gleaming plate of steel grafted
onto a solid base of ash wood creates
moneybow, the “change giver” created by
Roberto Giacomucci for Caffè River.

The Caffè River change-giver made of ash wood and steel was designed and produced in Italy.


Barista Training


We believe in the importance of training because it’s not enough to serve a good coffee but to offer a truly engaging experience, know how to manage your establishment in the best possible way, and be prepared to face difficulties.

For all these reasons we have an international network of three training centers (Arezzo, Cluj-Napoca, Copenhagen), which offer advanced and specialized courses designed for professionals.

We don’t limit ourselves to providing simple instructions, but we transmit in-depth knowledge of raw materials, the way to enhance them, and work them to offer a finished product that is the result of top-level expertise.

Espresso Basics

Caffè River Training Centre

8 hours of basic training to excel in the authentic preparation of espresso coffee, where you can learn the history of coffee, and some basics of botany and try your hand at practical tests.


Espresso Master

Caffè River Training Centre

8 hours of training divided into thematic workshops which include theoretical lessons, experiences and practical activities for the preparation of an excellent cappuccino. Requisites: having attended the Espresso Basics course.


Latte Art/crash course

Caffè River Training Centre

4 hours of training devoted to learning and experimenting with Latte Art (decorations of cappuccino) thanks to the participation of great recognized champions of the coffee industry, international ones included.