Espresso Basics Course 18/03/2024 8:45 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. -

Espresso Basics Course 18/03/2024 8:45 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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The goal of the course is to give students the basic knowledge to operate in the cafeteria industry at a high level and to increasingly improve their skills. The focus of the course is on espresso coffee.

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What are the goals of the course?

The Espresso Basics course aims to provide the student with the basic knowledge to excel in the cafeteria industry and to start on a path of continuous improvement.
The structure of Espresso Basics consists of thematic workshops that introduce a pathway that separates green coffee from espresso coffee, clarifying analytically the phenomena behind the excellence of the espresso. Brief historical and marketing information will be provided thus enriching and supplementing the training.

The duration is 8 hours in a single day and there are no prerequisites for admission.

A certificate of attendance and achievement will be issued on completion of the full course.

Why participate in training courses?

The need for continuous learning and skill improvement in the cafeteria bar business has become increasingly evident. In fact, there is more and more competition in this area. The barista is no longer asked for a simple espresso or a decent cappuccino: instead, elaborate espresso-based drinks and excellent cappuccinos are demanded, even decorated according to the demands of contemporary latte art.

Therefore, barista participation in specialized coffee training courses can certainly make a real difference. The fate of the barista’s establishment, whether it be a bar, cafeteria or coffee shop are in his or her hands. However, it is necessary that the training be based on serious educational criteria.

These in fact facilitate learning of a discipline that hides many difficulties behind the enticing appearance of coffees and cappuccinos.

We believe so strongly in the importance of learning for baristas that we have created an international network of three training centres (in Arezzo, Cluj-Napoca, and Copenhagen). These centers offer advanced and specialized courses which take an approach that is clearly different from ordinary courses based merely on an empirical approach.

Indeed, we have never been content to provide superficial instruction. On the contrary, from the very beginning, we have tried to provide training that was based on scientific foundations, to be able to provide certainty both to those who are approaching coffee for the first time and to those who want to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired through experience. At the same time, we strived to make learning as fun and engaging as possible. The course is conducted dynamically, with logistical solutions, well-structured presentations and plenty of trials and practical experience. We are grateful in this regard for the inspiration and certainty we received from such “magical” places such as the Deutsches Museum in Munich, the Technisches Museum in Vienna, and theExperimentarium in Copenhagen.

All these guidelines together have resulted in a consolidated teaching method that has the capacity to maximise learning achievement. To confirm this, there are numerous testimonials from the many students who attended our courses, and the growing number of applicants.

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