coffee for a fully automatic espresso machine

Espresso Casa whole beans!

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Roasted coffee bean blend. A fine blend of coffee beans produced by small coffee farmers, roasted with artisanal passion and caution, all with extreme care for environmental sustainability.

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Using a superautomatic espresso machine at home may seem like child’s play, but it really isn’t at all.
Pouring coffee beans into the coffee hopper and then expecting to enjoy perfect coffee like at the café may seem like an obvious conclusion. Actually, there are so many things to watch out for, first of all, the quality of the grains you choose to buy, did you know that?
Espresso Casa grani! is the coffee blend of whole coffee beans for a fully automatic espresso machine, suitable for all tastes, that recreates the highest quality coffee in your home, unmatched by using ground coffee (ground coffee ages within 60 minutes of opening the packet).
Enjoy the beauty of the whole roasted beans and the fragrance as you open the “stay-fresh” pack.
In fact, the 500 g coffee bag has a useful zipper to close it up and a valve that keeps all the aroma of your coffee beans intact, down to the last bean.
Taste perfection and become your own favorite barista!

Additional information

Net weight

500 g


Width 190 mm x Height 260 mm x Base100 mm

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