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Ashwood sugar and napkin holder.
Designed and manufactured in Italy, by Roberto Giacomucci Design.

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Sweetcase sugar packet holder and paper towel holder: one item or three?

Amazing possibilities for organizing the way you want the elements that enrich and complement your coffee experience. Thanks to Sweetcase© you can display them through an object with a warm and refined design. Sugars and wipes, honey and who knows what else find a neat place in Sweetcase©, thanks to its ability to subdivide spaces, entirely left up to your creativity.

Amazing design for innovative paper towels and sugar packet holders.

Style by Caffè River

There is much to explore beyond coffee: a whole new experience is created specifically by taking care of the details. Shapes and colors, materials, and surfaces succeed in enhancing perceptions and intriguing emotions.

A product of sublime quality needs to be consumed through instruments of equal worth. The coffee experience, combined with a similar style experience, becomes a ritual. We collaborate with top talent – inventive product designers to create our objects. They are designed to meet the aesthetic need of the consumer through lines, colors, and geometries of the most impeccable stylistic terseness.

This is why we have undertaken a series of collaborations with established designers.

In 2007, we initiated a workshop called “Riverberazioni” (Reverberations), in which designers like Enrico Azzimonti, Alessandra Baldereschi, Luisa Bocchietto, Marina Bologni, Roberto Giacomucci, Monica Graffeo, Gum Design, Joe Velluto, Lorenzo Palmeri, Alessandra Pasetti, Lucy Salamanca and ZP studio participated, designing – in collaboration and competition with each other – a series of objects aimed at making our coffee experience unique.

We then continued our collaboration with Marina Bologni who designed Flexo and Kylix (9 and 36) for us, and with Roberto Giacomucci who designed MaracaS, Sweetcase and Minisweetcase.

Among other things, MaracaS has been invited several times to participate in the Compasso d’Oro Award by ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.

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