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MaracaS Secondo Me, by Emilio Sabbatini

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MaracaS secondo me expresses a personal viewpoint on the techniques for using this tool. Emilio Sabatini highlights its potential and provides 12 brand-new recipes.

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Written by Emilio Sabbatini, a well-known barista, and aimed at his colleagues, this cookbook is an invitation to discover the remarkable possibilities that the MaracaS shaker offers the world of mixology.
It represents the expression of a personal viewpoint on the techniques of using this instrument. Sabbatini effectively succeeds in highlighting what and how much potential for innovation remains to be explored. The text is accompanied by 12 previously unpublished recipes, ranging from Predinner to “all hours,” and numerous exemplifying photos.


Designed especially for making shaken coffee. This unique shaker allows bartenders to develop new drinks and present them in unique ways. In fact, whit MaracaS, shaken espresso is served directly into the glass in which the coffee was stirred.
MaracaS is a very simple tool to maintain: its components are dishwasher-safe and long-lasting. Instructions are described in the brochure included in the package

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