2024 Barista's Agenda
Agenda del barista 2024

Barista’s Agenda 2024
Tired of the usual calendar? Caffè River thought of you and your work in the bar.
Find out how many things you can do with Barista’s Agenda 2024:

  • Manage your bar shifts with ease.
  • Take note of your monthly orders.
  • There’s a box to write your notes for each day of the month.
  • Make an annual plan of your activities.
  • Write your data on the last page and find them quickly.
  • Write with the blue erasable gel ink pen.
  • Write down your contacts in the handy removable address book.
  • Place your Caffè River Card in the convenient pocket.
  • Then there is a large and practical document pocket.

Barista’s Agenda 2024 is a beautiful calendar to hang and at the same time an original table organizer to successfully plan the work of your place. One of the many exclusive design objects that Caffè River provides to you.
The photos represented in the individual months of the year were chosen from among the many that tag us daily on social media and talk about daily life, about baristas who are passionate about espresso at the bar and are as authentic as our coffee.

work shifts in the bar

Do you also want to be part of the Barista’s Agenda? How to participate in the 2025 selections? Post your pictures on social media, tag us, or write to us at agenda@cafferiver.com. We can’t wait to post your photo too!

Good luck! 😉

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