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Coffee in Uganda – Mariam Nandudu was in this condition for many years until she joined the Bufumbo Organics Farmers Association. Being widowed at age 31, she struggled with her five children to meet their basic needs, particularly school education.

Omukwano Coffee: Bufumbo Organic CFA

Mariam affirms: <<When my husband died I only had one acre of land but now I have two acres of land that I was able to buy because of the sale we made through NUCAFE to the Bufumbo Organics Association>>.

It is on these two acres of land that she grows her coffee in Uganda, while on another land she grows bananas, sweet potatoes and vegetables that she sells to sustain herself while the coffee matures.

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He learned this idea of diversification by participating in several NUCAFE training courses on good agricultural practices and how a farmer can get more value from his coffee sales. With sales that Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association made to Coffè River, Mariam sold 730 kilograms of parchment coffee during the last season and got a good income of 6,200,000 Ugandan shillings. With that sum, Mariam was able to pay her children’s school fees for the next two sessions and bought her own plucking machine to further improve the quality of the coffee she provides to Caffè River and her fellow farmers.

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