washed arabica coffee - Caffè River

Wugar: washed arabica coffee from Uganda

washed arabica coffee

Just sealed to be sent to Caffè River, the 1st container of Wugar (washed Arabica coffee from Uganda) bearing the certification of geographical origin from the Rwenzori mountains supported by the European Union!
We are honored to be the first and congratulated the Karangura Peak community and NUCAFE for this great achievement.

NUCAFE, the National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises (NUCAFE), was founded in 1995 as the Uganda Coffee Farmers Association (UCFA). In 2003, UCFA changed to NUCAFE in response to members’ needs as a result of needs assessment and strategic planning carried out in the year 2003. NUCAFE has 125 coffee farmers associations at sub-county level spread all over 5 main coffee-growing regions of Uganda, with over 100,000 coffee farming families.

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