A first aid center at Madenge Village - Caffè River

A first aid center, which will improve the life of the community in that area of Ugandan Mount Elgon, has been built thanks to the collaboration “Omukwano” between Caffè River, NUCAFE and the Bufumbo Coffee Farmers Association. A milestone added to improve the livelihoods of Ugandan coffee farmers.

Un centro di pronto soccorso

Villaggio di agricoltori di caff[

Un centro di pronto soccorso in Uganda

Un centro di pronto soccorso di Nucafe e Caffè Riverciliege di caffè

piantagione di caffèraccolta del caffè

Omukwano in UgandaIMG_8375.JPG

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We have a close and loyal collaboration with NUCAFE: the union of small coffee farmers in Uganda. This collaboration gave rise to the brand “Omukwano”, “friendship” in the Luganda language, which gives an idea of its origin. Since the beginning of our collaboration many thousands of farming families have been supported with fair prices, interest-free pre-financing, accelerated payments, with the result that more than 600,000 kilos of coffee have been sent to us making a difference in the lives of many people.