I managed to get a piece of land where I grow coffee in the Karangura County, in Kabarole district and I later joined an association where I was given the position of business manager.“We believe in coffee because our ancestral culture is in farming,” said Davis.“Coffee provides us with food, clothes, and everything we need to live on. The coffee crops our parents planted are now shrinking in production so we need organizations like NUCAFE to teach us new methods of replenishing our farms. This is our hope for the future”,he added.
Thanks to the NUCAFE’s Plan, today Davis had been able to increase his income through an improvement of his production. There is an opportunity for farmers like Davis to boost their production from 300-400 Kg per hectare to more than two tonnes per hectare by working in joint collaborations with government entities like Uganda Coffee Development Authority and Operation Wealth Creation.

Davis is working hard with the association as the business manager who is tirelessly running the day-to-day activities of the association. In order to ensure quality, he mentors the wet processing activities to make sure it’s the same quality as the fair trade-certified coffee that will be delivered to the buyers.
In order to promote other association activities, Karangura women groups have gone ahead to start up other business ventures like basket weaving and they managed to showcase some of the products they managed to participate in various markets events.

And with such creativity, the association is seen to be going further and ensuring that all its members benefit greatly from marketing their coffee internationally and also developing and improving their skills.



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