The coffee farming business - Caffè River

I (Deo Enosi Kiswasi) started with 1 acre of coffee and now I have come to 4 acres of coffee plantation to which I have added bananas for food and also for sale partly to meet household needs. As a member of the Kateebwa Coffee Farmers Association, I am trying to sell more coffee to international buyers and while working for the association, I was elected as a parish coordinator and with this function, I have had the opportunity to advocate for the needs of the coffee farmers at the interior of Kateebwa county. By selling through the support of NUCAFE, I have been able to send my six children to school as I want them to get an education and learn more about farming in order to support the family business. And after conversations with my wife, we decided to spend the money to buy a motorcycle that helps us get around and that’s also useful for carrying food products to the local market.
At 34, I have a stable home that I built thanks to the revenues from the sales I made through NUCAFE marketing and my family is proud of the results we have been able to achieve from growing coffee.
With its first sale to Caffè River, the association managed to produce 60 bags of Drugar and we hope to deliver more next season.


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